The Secret to Wrinkle Free Sheets

What if I told you that you could dry your sheets, or a matter of fact, all your clothing 25% faster, saving you time and money.  This all while simultaneously reducing wrinkles and lint.  It’s hard to believe but it’s true.

I received these little balls of fury as a gift, and first thought, “What All Those?!” But seriously, these all natural and organic wool dryer balls are fantastic, and more importantly, they work.  The wool dryer balls are an excellent alternative to using dryer sheets, and unlike dryer sheets, they can be used over and over again across a thousand loads.  The only negative thing about them is they get lost in the loads.  So, when you take out your fresh load of laundry from the dryer, those sneaky wool dryer balls hide in your pile of clothes.  They are pretty large at roughly 3″ in diameter, so they are easy to locate and toss back in the dryer.


SnugPad Wool Balls 6 Pack

$7.95 • Amazon


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Grab a 6 pack & let’s roll!


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