Top 8 Beach Towels of 2018

A great beach towel is long enough, wide enough, and is super cute.  In my opinion, it’s really that simple.  If you are over five feet tall, do not buy a beach towel that is 60 – 62″ or less, it is impossible to be comfortable in the sand when your beach towel is too short.  Here is a list of my favorite beach towels this season that are vibrant, colorful, cute and the right size!

Let’s start the countdown!

Ice Cream Reversible Fouta Beach Towel

$30.00 • SIZE: 40″ X 70″ • DILLARD’S

Now, I will admit, this is not the most luscious towel in the world; however, for that exact reason, it is extremely versatile. This towel was made with a flat weave terry cloth so it is lightweight and does not have the typical velour front.  It makes a great sarong at the beach or a picnic blanket if you need it.  Added fringe trim for flair and it is perfectly oversized.

Lacoste Crocostripe Beach Towel

$15.99 (On sale!) • size: 36″ x 72″ • macy’s

This is a tried and true beach towel that is top rated towel at Macy’s.  It is a great universal vibrant beach towel with the iconic Lacoste croc over bright diagonal stripes.  Luscious velour on the front and drying terry on the back.  Great length with ample room head to toe.

Aloha Beaches Beach Towel

$15.99 (on sale!) • size: 38″ x 68″ • macy’s

Cheeky beach towel that will be a hit at your next pool party.  Tropical leaves are a great accent to a cute play on words.  Great colors and made with super soft velour cotton on the front and terry on the reverse.

Tropic Like It’s Hot Beach Towel

$15.99 (on sale!) • size: 38″ x 68″ • macy’s

Vibrant, graphic beach towel with another cute play on words.  Light in color so you don’t sizzle… as bad.. on the beach.  Lightweight but great quality.  Soft velour cotton on the front and cotton terry on the back.  68″ is a great size for anyone shorter than 5’8.  I’m here for the hard math guys, you should keep me around.

Dottie Elephant Beach Towel

$21.99 (on sale!) • size: 36″ x 72″ • belk

Who does not love a great elephant print, I mean just look at it… SO freakin’ cute!  Pink and Turquoise is the great beach combo color.  Great print, great size.. what is not to love?!

Palm Beach Towel

$29.00 • size: 40″ x 76″ • frontgate

Do you have to buy a beach towel for a husband or friend that is over 6 feet tall?  Or are you looking for a fantastic simple towel to get the job done but also feel like a towel you took from the resort?!  Well, have I got a treat for you.  The Palm Beach Towel is generously oversized to fit your friendly six-foot giants.  It is plush, extremely soft, and absorbent.  It is just a great allover towel.  Frontgate offers stripes and basic solid colors with monogramming available for that extra personal touch.

Alabat Beach Towel

$60.00 (On sale!) • size: 40″ x 70″ • neiman marcus

Perfect beach color pairings, yes! Cute AF tassel details, yes!!  Sign me up.  Sized perfectly at 40″ x 70″, this is a great flat-weave beach towel with a terry loop reverse.  Perfect for laying out or using it has a sarong or blanket.  High-quality John Robshaw design for the win.

Paisley Beach Towel

$58.00 • size: 40″ x 70″ • anthropologie

Oversized, beautiful and made in Portugal!  Oh, you fancy huh!?  You will be after getting this towel.  Absolutely beautiful paisley design with a great cool-toned color combination.  Perfectly oversized and yarn-dyed for that extra level of quality.  This is not your basic printed towel, this is a great way to start off your summer fun.

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