Top 3 Sheets Sets You Must Have

Here is a list of the top 3 must have sheets.  Pick your favorite and your bed will turn into a super comfortable dreamland, filled with peaceful sleep.  

400 Thread Count Sateen Sheet Set


400 Thread Count is the sweet spot for great quality sheets.  When you get above 500, sheets can tend to be a bit heavy and crisp.  Below 300, they can feel flimsy and cheap.  400 is that great middle ground, especially with a sateen weave, where you get great softness.  With it being cotton, you get the traditional smooth, silky sheet you know and love.

100% Cotton Jersey Knit Sheet Set


The Ink + Ivy Heathered Cotton Jersey Knit Sheets are so aesthetically pleasing and incredibly soft and comfortable.  They have a jersey knit finish that makes them feel like your favorite worn out sheet.  As they are a natural fiber, they get softer and softer after every wash.  If you are a true cotton fanatic, I highly recommend a jersey knit finish sheet.  The finish gives the sheet that incredible second layer of awesomeness that a basic cotton sheet cannot offer.  I absolutely love these sheets because not only do they feel like your favorite shirt, they look like them too.  Visually it gives your bed a great extra level of texture and contrast.  It is a relaxed and casual look that makes any bed look very inviting and luxurious.  If you have sensitive skin, cotton is definitely the way to go.

Jersey Knit Modal Sheet Set


If you have never walked into Bed Bath and Beyond and felt the sheets, you are missing out.  The modal sheet is one of the softest sheets you could ever buy.  Modal is a cellulose fiber that has been reconstituted from trees.  It actually does feel like a t-shirt, mainly due to the jersey knit processing they put the sheet through.  It is smooth, silky goodness.  These sheets are wrinkle resistant and because of the breathability of the fabric, it has moisture control to keep you cool.  They are unbelievably soft and gets more and more comfortable after every wash.

To learn more about the qualities that make a great sheet, check out my earlier post here.

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