How to Create Your Dream Bed

Creating a designer looking bed can be a bit daunting if you are not really sure what goes where and why.  Below I am going to break down the essentials needed for a beautifully layered bed that looks like you have an interior designer!

As stated in my previous post, it is not all about the thread count when it comes to a great sheet.  Remember to look at the fiber quality, weave and thread count as a collective picture before making a decision.

In the picture shown above, the shams came with a coverlet as a three-piece set.  This is a great way to tie the head of the bed to the end of the bed with texture.  Another option would be to just have the decorative shams that are sold with your comforter or duvet set.  That works just as well.

In my opinion, every bed needs a beautiful pop of color and a nice decorative pillow at the front of the pillow stack can do that for you without investing in a crazy color across the whole bed.  A great square pillow that is 18″ is great as it will be skinnier and a bit shorter than your pillowcases or shams that are in the front of the stack and will add that extra layer of dimension and height.  To see my list of favorite pillows this year, click here.

The Euro sham & pillow pairs are typically 25″ square pillows that are great large focal points for your bed.  They are beautiful and functional as I love to use them to prop up when sitting up to read or watch television.  As you see in the picture above they have the same quilt texture again for the Euro,  you could do that or if you did the quilt texture in the standard pillow shams, then maybe use the duvet/comforter texture for the Euro sham.

As mentioned above, the quilt/coverlet can add great texture and complexity to a bed that starts to all look the same without it.  I love to use my quilt as a summer comforter alternative on those super hot days when a duvet/comforter is just much too hot.  A beautiful bed must have layering pieces and a nice quilt is essential.

The duvet cover shown in this photo is my all time favorite duvet I have ever owned.  It is a Belgian Linen material that is incredibly soft and it breathes beautifully.  It is also a heat producing machine.  In the winter, it is a magical situation, in the summer I typically will either remove the duvet insert and just use the duvet cover by itself or you the quilt I mentioned above.   I first found the Belgian Linen at West Elm but since then it has been featured in Pottery Barn and beyond. If you have not given this fabric a chance before, I highly suggest you give it a second look.  For the duvet insert, white goose down is the new premium standard, but I am I have been very happy with down-alternative in my bedding.

Pillow Placement

Below are diagrams from Pottery Barn that I have updated to further explain how many pillows and where they should be placed for further clarification.  West Elm’s bed are messy and super comfy looking, but for a beginner, it can be confusing, hopefully, this will be a little bit more clear.


When it comes to choosing your bedding, a neutral color palette is a great way to start.  You can always add back color using the quilt or decorative pillows.   This way if you seem to grow out of the bold colors, you do not have to completely redo your bedroom, you can simply switch out these key pieces.  Bedding is meant to last, especially linen so always try to keep the main bedding simpler and more tolerable for long-term use as trends and moods change quickly.


No sleep till, Brooklyn!
Just kidding, look at this bed, of course, you will get plenty of sleep!




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