Linen Care Explained

I know that in today’s world a lot of people probably have a “bedding” setting on their high-tech washer;  however, there are still some general guidelines you show follow when caring for your sheets and bedding.  Don’t let an overzealous washer ruin your beautiful new set of bedding.

Tip #1

If you want to extend the life of your sheets, change them out weekly.  I recommend having a second set of sheets that you can swap while the first one is cleaned or just takes a chill pill.  Washing your sheets once a week helps to remove the buildup of debris, dander, dust, and sweat (ew!).

Tip #2

Add your sheets to the washing machine after the detergent and water have had a second alone.  Soap that has not been diluted first can stain your fabrics and make it difficult for the wash cycle to completely rinse it out.

Tip #3

Do not use too much heat.  That goes for the washer and the dryer.  Too much heat will cause the fabrics to age and wear out quickly.

Tip #4

Bleach can be extremely harsh on fabrics, even the color-safe kinds.  Try to take it a little easy when using bleach.

Tip #5

Want a wrinkle-free set of bedding?  Quickly take the sheets straight from the dryer to bed to keep the fabrics nice and straight.  Also wool dryer balls are are a great way to keep sheets wrinkle-free.  You can learn more about those here.

Linen Care Symbols

Now, let’s discuss the care label.  Have you ever looked at the back of a bedding label and thought, why in the world are they still using hieroglyphics? Just tell me what you want?! Amirite? Below I will break down exactly what these symbols mean for an easy reference.

Keep on washing friends!


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