Color Harmony in the Bedroom

Did you know that the colors used in your living spaces can have a huge effect on your attitude and mood?  Generally speaking, most of us just try and decorate our rooms to be aesthetically pleasing; however, when decorating, you need to think about the psychology of the colors you choose.


Below is a breakdown by the color of how they affect your psyche.

Green has a very calming effect.  It is a color based in nature which supports balance, harmony, and love.  It is perfect if you are going through a lot of stress as it is a very relaxing and comforting color that will ease anxieties.


Blue is another nature-based color as it brings in the color of the ocean and sky.  It is a calming color that increases honesty, peace, kindness, and truth.


Yellow is the color of sunlight and is revered as a happy color.  It is known to brighten a dull mood.  This color is best for areas where you plan to be active, like your kitchen or art studio as it is known to make people creative.  In a bedroom, it can be much too stimulating and can cause you to become too restless; however, do not be afraid to use it as a smaller accent color throughout the room.


Now, if you are ready to get your romance on, get some red in your life!  All shades of red, including pink and salmon, encourage romance.  It is a color of love, passion, and fire.  Now too much red can cause too much fire, so use this as an accent color throughout the room.


Peach is a cheerful, warm and active color.  It stimulates creativity, productivity, and optimism.  Perfect for an office color.  May not be the best for the bedroom.  I would suggest using this shade in places where you will have gatherings as it is known to stimulate people to feel more sociable.

Featured Image source: West Elm


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